Indonesia Road Safety


Almost a month ago, Indonesia experienced a homecoming tradition, where there is large-scale displacement, congestion and all the problems that usually only happens on a highway of big cities become scattered throughout the country. Inevitably, traffic accidents became terrible scourge in transportation affairs.
The latest data released by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows India takes place as the first country with the highest number of deaths caused by traffic accidents, while Indonesia ranks fifth. However, astonishingly, Indonesia actually ranks first increase in accidents according to data from the Global Status Report on Road Safety released by WHO. Indonesia reported an increase in the number of traffic accidents by more than 80%. According to data from Traffic Corps (Korlantas), the victim died due to traffic accidents in Indonesia in 2014 was 28.297 inhabitants; most of them are in productive age 26-30 years.

Asuransi Adira Dinamika cooperation with SWA since 2013 to raise awareness and implementation of road safety systems for local governments and county-level cities with program named Indonesia Road Safety Award (IRSA). The spirit of the award program is an effort to continue to provide support to the municipalities that have worked hard to put the pillars of road safety in their area. IRSA assessment refers to the five pillars contained in the draft National Road Safety Road (RUNK) 2011-2035 prepared under the mandate of Article 203 of Law No. 22 in the year of 2009, as a manifestation of the Government’s responsibility to ensure the safety of road traffic, which are:

    Pillar 1: Road Safety Management (Safer Management)
    Pillar 2: Roads Safety (Safer Road)
    Pillar 3: Vehicle Safety (Safer Vehicle)
    Pillar 4: Conduct the Road Users Safety (Safer User)
    Pillar 5: Pre and Post-Accident Management (Pre & Post Crash Response)

The winner in 2015 with the category of a town of under 1 million people reelected is Balikpapan. With the land contour of 85% hilly, Balikpapan has a lot of slope, derivative and twists, a fantastic blend to donate the high rate of accidents. So to minimize the risk of accidents, the city government implement sniper stance ranging from cutting the ramp, setting the operating hours of heavy vehicles, construction of flyovers and parking buildings, using IT for vehicle testing, coaching the driver transport of goods and passengers by provision of school buses and mass public transport system using Trans Balikpapan.

As for cities with populations of more than 1 million award IRSA achieved by Surabaya, the second largest city after Jakarta. It has been implementing Adaptive Traffic Control System, namely traffic management where the timing of the traffic signs to change or adapt based on traffic conditions. In 2014, Surabaya has also been building a 5430 meter pedestrian path. As a citizen who has ID Card of Jakarta, there is a question mark that hangs in the minds, when it will be Jakarta’s turn?

Data from Traffic Corps (Korlantas) show that nearly half of the crash in 2015 triggered by the human factor. Where the main aspects as the culprit in the human factor consists of two things, disorderly conduct and careless aspect when driving, it makes Indonesia lost ’70s soul per day.

Concerning to our worldwide activities, Leschaco work by the principles of the international standard ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2009, concentration of transport services oblige each company in this industrial sector to make increased efforts in the areas of guarantee for a high quality and safety standard worldwide. Therefore let’s come to support for the creation of a Road Safety Management in Indonesia.

SWA Magazine edition 10-20 December 2015
RUNK 2011-2035


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